Jim Caldwell Will Now Be Calling Plays For The Ravens Offense

12.10.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

After years of tormenting Ravens fans by underutilizing Ray Rice so that Joe Flacco’s eminent eliteness could conquer the world, Cam Cameron has been fired as Baltimore’s offensive coordinator. In his stead goes Jim Caldwell, former Colts head coach and a person who might blink if a plane crashed in front of him. Will there be a marked improvement in playcalling? Probably not, but at least the message has been sent by the Ravens’ front office that coaches might want to consider using the team’s best weapon or else it’s the shitcan for them.

In other news, a Ravens fan wore this misspelled Flacco jersey to FedEx Field on Sunday. Is non-purple camo allowable in the Bawlmer fan base?

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