Jim Harbaugh Refuses To Ditch His Walmart Khakis

06.19.14 3 years ago 23 Comments

Jim Harbaugh wearing $8 khakis from Walmart famously became part of the Jim Harbaugh uniform late in the 2013 season, much to the amusement of everyone. Harbaugh was even caught in the wild buying Walmart khakis. Naturally, a company saw this thing people liked and figured there was a way to make money off it. And so Jim and his wife, Sarah, did a fake-PSA commercial for Dockers to put a stop to Dad Pants, as though Dockers aren’t also Dad Pants.

But what’s this? A reporter caught up with Harbs at 49ers minicamp and there he was wearing his regular cheap khakis. The commercial is a lie. The cake is a lie. Everything is a lie.

Harbaugh’s media session on Wednesday was at times acrimonious as he had little interest in discussing his feelings about the holdouts by Vernon Davis and Alex Boone, but it did include this exchange with a local reporter:

“Are those the good pants you’re wearing today?”

The good pants? Harbaugh has no idea what that meant.

“The ones in the ad, when you’re barbecuing and stuff. Are those those pants,” the reporter asked.

No, Harbaugh answered, though he admitted he owns a few of them.

But then why, Jim, won’t you wear them? Even now that you have a pile of them, and a lovely wife who so clearly wants you to look more fashionable?

“I still kind of like the loose-fitting,” he said.

Never believing fake PSAs ever again, you guys.

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