Jimmy Graham officially ruled a tight end, all grit

07.02.14 4 years ago 23 Comments

In a ruling that helped solidify everything that ESPN, NBC, FOX, football cards, fantasy football leagues, and general logic has said all along, an independent arbitrator ruled today that the Saints’ Jimmy Graham is, indeed, a tight end. But this is more about money than where you can slot Graham on your fantasy team. It’s a big win for the Saints in the back-and-forth with Graham over his franchise tag and – more expensively – new contract negotiations.

Graham’s side and the players union insisted he was all glitter as a wide receiver and thereby owed an additional $5 million this year ($12 million instead of the $7 million given to franchised tight ends). It’s still an increase over the $1.3 million that Graham made last year, the final year of his initial four-year rookie contract, but it might make one ask why it was okay for Graham to be tied in to a abominably low contract regardless of skill but, hey, the league knows what it’s doing and Graham is just a goal post-dunking glory boy so leave it be, ok?

The league and the players union bickered about where Graham spent more time lining up last season even though the real answer is to just shower Graham with cash from a t-shirt cannon because he’s coming out of a 4-year, $2.445 million rookie contract all while being one of the league’s best “guys who catch the ball real good” during that time.

And, meanwhile, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, and Eli Manning are all due over $16 million next year for playing like barf. Good times, capitalism!

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