Joe Buck Is Hep To Your Buzz Bands

12.10.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Coming out of halftime of Sunday’s Saints-Giants game, FOX played a clip of M83’s “Midnight City” over a montage of highlights from the first half. While the song is more than a year old, that a sports broadcast plays anything from the last five years is a rarity. Joe Buck took the occasion to boast of his hipster cred by namechecking a few popular indie pop bands while making fun of Troy Aikman for not being “with it”.

SB Nation has video of the segment:

“All right now, Fred Aldous in our audio department is pulling out the good stuff. You hear a little M83, a little Passion Pit, a little Phoenix, then you’re talking about good music here on The NFL on FOX. And, uh, here’s a guy who discovered Mumford & Sons, like, four days ago. Troy Aikman to my right…”

Oh snap! Mumford burn!

That’s a perfect encapsulation of Joe Buck in full smug. Never mind that “Midnight City” isn’t exactly that obscure of a hit. It gets play on commercial rock radio throughout the country. But whatever, Joe Buck was totally into M83 before you were.

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