Jon Jeebus vs. Joe Jeebus. WHO YA GOT?

10.04.07 10 years ago 16 Comments

Praise be! The Lord’s favored football disciples are rewarded by being on winning teams. Tony Dungy’s Colts are 4-0, Shaun Alexander’s C-Hox are 3-1, and facing off this week are Jon Kitna’s surprising 3-1 Lions and Joe Gibbs’ 2-1 godless sun worshipers. Of course, God’s linebacker, Ray Lewis, is holding everybody back with the Ravens’ disappointing 2-2 start, but he’s been known to stray from time to time, anyway. Jesus’ love is on the line. WHO YA GOT?


Jon Kitna_________________Joe Gibbs


Healing God ________________Vengeful God

Worshiped blindly by

Peter King_____________Fatuous Redskins fans

Alternative career

Project Mayhem participant____________NASCAR team owner

Sinister force pulling the strings

Matt Millen_________________Dan Snyder

Goals for season

Win 10 games______give Brandon Lloyd that old time religion


Piece of the true cross___________Understanding of game as it was played in Biblical times

Finishing move


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