Josh Freeman Is The King Of Impersonating The King Of Pop

02.06.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

ESPN The Magazine is doing a music issue. Why? I suppose there could be an assortment of reasons, but I’ll go with “who gives a sh*t, I’m not going to read it.” The issue, however, does include this picture of Josh Freeman done up like Michael Jackson from the album cover for “Thriller”.

It’s quite well done. And it gives us a chance to talk about Josh Freeman, which is a thing we don’t do a lot because he’s a quiet, average quarterback playing for an average team that gets little play from the national media. In fact, I just scanned through the KSK site archives and it appears that we’ve never written a post entirely about Josh Freeman. And this dude has been in the league for four years. So congrats to you, Josh Freeman, on your first-ever exclusive KSK post, which you earned by dressing up as Michael Jackson circa 1982. I’m sure it means a great deal.


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