Josh Gordon Gets Suspended After Manziel Party, Columnists Pull Hamstrings Running for Typewriters

12.28.14 3 years ago 21 Comments

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Well, this just leaves a sour taste in the mouths of Cleveland Browns fans, who had been enjoying their okay-est season in years. A reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer says that Josh Gordon was partying a little too hard with Johnny Manziel rather than dutifully preparing for today’s meaningless game against the Ravens (meaningless for them at least).

As a result of his behavior, some guy named Connor Shaw will have to throw at traffic cones at M&T Bank Stadium today. Manziel will stay benched, and Brian Hoyer will remain injured and shitty.

Looks like Manziel’s GLOREE BOY attitude is rubbing off on Gordon, who managed to get himself suspended twice in one season for doing things that any self-respecting columnist could have told you was a bad idea. Peter King’s neck is already getting severe cramps from hours of side-to-side movement.

Still, 7-9? High-five, Browns fans!

Oh, and looks like the Week 17 discipline hammer is coming down on Justin Gilbert as well.

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