Judge Sapp Says Fix Yo Grill

07.05.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

The latest episode of Judge Sapp pits brother against brother. And much like the Civil War, this dispute has everything to do with hot dog carts. That was what the Civil War was about, right? I don’t know, I slept through those formative years worth of social studies classes. Anyway, the claimant lent his brother $3,000 to start a weenie cart bidness, only for the other one to repay him half when the cart failed by virtue of not getting a permit because of stupidity. The brother who screwed up would like the $3,000 to be thought of as an investment as opposed to something he’s actually would be responsible for remunerating in full. Bankrupt person Warren Sapp might identify with such financial carelessness, but will Judge Sapp? Only eight minutes of YouTube time knows for sure…

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