Just What The World Needs: A Documentary About Kickers

03.11.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

Until now, if you wanted a sympathetic look at what it is to be a placekicker, you had to listen to “The Lonesome Kicker” or read any of hundreds of pieces that Stefan Fatsis has written about that time he tried out as a kicker for the Broncos. No longer, as there’s a documentary in the works about kickers and how everyone is mean to them even though their job is tough. The list of current and former kickers included is quite impressive. Among them are Morten Andersen, Gary Anderson, Tom Dempsey, Kevin Butler, Nick Lowery, Norm Johnson, John Carney, Mark Moseley, Matt Stover (ALL-TIME GREATEST RAVEN!) , Nick Folk, Josh Brown, Jay Feely, Olindo Mare and Billy Cundiff! BILLY CUNDIFF! Gotta hand it to Cundiff for having the courage to take part. You don’t see Scott Norwood in there. Then again, of course the one line that Cundiff has in the trailer is about the pain of missing a critical kick.

Not sure I have the patience to sit through a feature length movie full of dudes telling the world about how they’re unappreciated. But if it were just a single shot of Cundiff looking sad for an hour and a half? That I would most definitely be down with.

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