Kill Kill Kill: Those Dogs’ll Hunt

06.11.15 3 years ago 22 Comments

A pregnant impala is stranded in a pond while a pair of wild dogs circle the perimeter, waiting for it to come ashore. Oh, and there are a couple nosy humans whispering excitedly about it in the background. Humans be interloping, y’all. After a while, the whole wild dog squad is summoned because it’s a hunting party at the pond. That would be less of a problem for the impala if just stayed in the water. The dogs clearly don’t want to get in. Quit walking to the edge, ya dummy.

I kept watching this video despite it being seven-plus minutes long and having this warning in the description: “very graphic as one can see the baby coming out of the mothers stomach as the wild dogs eat.” Having seen it, yeah, it gets a little intense after the five-minute mark (and the poster made sure to highlight the grossest part), so you might want to stop there.

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