KILL! KILL! KILL!: Tim Horton’s Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

08.28.14 3 years ago 58 Comments

Buffalo Crunch Doughnut


Usually KILL! KILL! KILL! is reserved for animals fighting to the bloody death, but since we’re just days away from planting our fat asses on the sofa for five months watching football and eating nachos, let’s take a look at what we do to ourselves with food will most certainly kill us just a little bit sooner than if we lived off of berries, skinless chicken breasts and plain rice.

Introducing Tim Horton’s Buffalo Crunch Doughnut, now available for the whopping cost of $2 at the New York State Fair.

A spicy, yeast-based doughnut drenched in buffalo-style chicken wing sauce and covered in kettle chips. To boot, tortilla strips sit submerged in a pool of buffalo sauce at the centre.

Good god. It’s not even 7 am out here on the West Coast and I’m not sure if I want to eat the doughnut, kill the doughnut for being so disgusting or worse, figure out how to make them for myself some point during the season for football brunch.

[H/T The Sports Hernia]

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