KLEARINGHOUSE: Anti-Violence Group Says Ray Rice Deserves A Second Chance

07.27.15 2 years ago 49 Comments
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Several of the players at the center of the NFL’s domestic violence crisis of 2014 got second chances. Greg Hardy got a second chance, with a reduced suspension, no less. Ray McDonald got a second chance, even if he already blew it. Not Ray Rice, however, possibly because he became the poster boy of the domestic violence and also had video evidence of his crime broadcast to the world.

With most NFL teams preparing to report to training camp and Rice still not on a roster, it seems likely that the 28-year-old running back will be sitting out a second straight season in 2015. You’re not likely to find a lot of people bemoaning the fate of Ray Rice but, for what it’s worth, an organization that pushes for men to stand against domestic violence is making the bold assertion that Ray Rice deserves another chance at playing football.

The co-founders of A Call To Men, a national organization that encourages men to end violence against women, are advocating that former Ravens running back Ray Rice be given a second chance in the NFL.

Tony Porter and Ted Bunch, co-founders of A Call To Men, each of whom has worked with Rice since November, believe that Rice deserves an opportunity to be an NFL running back again.

“We have been around a lot of abusive men, but our experience with Ray has been tremendously positive,” Porter said this past weekend. “We feel strongly about him having the opportunity of having a second chance. He’s deserving of it.”

Porter and Bunch say they’ve had a lot of interaction with Rice over the last nine months and came away impressed with his accountability and commitment to be better. It’s doubtful these comments alone are going to sway an NFL front office into giving Rice another shot, though if a team does decide to bring him along, you can best believe that team will point to this group as one that has been impressed with Rice’s behavior over the last year.

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