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01.27.15 3 years ago 33 Comments

It’s too bad Cosmos wasn’t in season as Neil deGrasse Tyson could only address Ballghazi on Twitter. Bill Nye went the next step and appeared on a Funny or Die video about it.

— In the latest round of defensive press conferences about Ballghazi, Bob Kraft demanded an apology from the NFL for the whole Ballghazi scandal. Everybody knows Kraft and Goodell are chummy, but the Shield don’t just express contrition to anyone.

— Comedians have takes on Ballghazi too!

— Miko Grimes, the wife of Brent Grimes, went on a Twitter rant against the NFL on Monday, taking issues with the league’s past stance on domestic violence, as well as their anti-Brent Grimes policy.

— The Rams have converted to a year-to-year lease with the Edward Jones Dome, letting the city of St. Louis know they’ll be sure to depart at their earliest convenience.

— Tom Brady evidently occasionally has avocado ice cream, which sounds like something I would try but not enjoy. Though I am surprised the Choco Taco line hasn’t explore this filling.

— JJ Watt jumped over Jimmy Kimmel and some other dude. An impressive athletic feat and even more impressive restraint not to purposely botch it and injure Kimmel.

— The Raiders are keeping bizarrely effective old person Charles Woodson around for another season.

— The Legion of Boom did a photo shoot for SI and their early Aughts style is strong.

— Vice Sports revisits when Reggie White talked about racism at Media Day a year after his Knowville church was destroyed in a racially motivated firebombing, for which no one was ever arrested.

— Marshawn Lynch did a fake press conference commercial for Skittles. I look forward to their next ad when Marshawn clutches on two Skittles bags affixed to his crotch.

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