KLEARINGHOUSE: Brett Favre Plays Political Football

06.19.14 3 years ago 41 Comments

It’s the ol’ dongslinger Brett Favre, getting into the political arena to endorse Thad Cochran in the Mississippi senator’s reelection campaign. Cochran is locked in a primary runoff election with a Tea Party candidate and doesn’t want to get Eric Cantor’d so he brought in ol’ Brittfar. Wait, there’s a Tea Party candidate and Brett Favre is endorsing the other guy? That shouldn’t be. Also very sad the Brett Favre commercial doesn’t end with “I know I thing or two about integrity: I showed my peener to a girl.”

— T.J. Yates: now a Falcon, via trade for linebacker Akeem Dent. Remember when Yates started that playoff game against the Ravens, played like dogshit, yet the game was still pretty close? Well try not to, it was an ugly game.

— The Redskins trademark attorney did an interview with The Washington Post on where the team stands in its appeal to Wednesday’s ruling by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He says the ‘Skins are fucked and the team is changing the name tomorrow. LOL J/K! He really said everything is gonna work out just fine for the team. Just fine and dandy.

— Dakota Hughes, the quarterback for the Atlanta Steam of the Lingerie (Legends) Football League, threw a game-winning 42-yard touchdown pass with a broken wrist earlier this month. SO GRITTY, SO OBJECTIFIED!

— Jaguars released Jason Babin, who will now hopefully get a reality show where he hunts bears.

— PFT Commenter went to Yinzburgh for SB Nation to see Terry Bradshaw perform his variety show. He also puts fries into an Iron City to create the ultimate Pittsburghish cocktail.

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