KLEARINGHOUSE: Disney NFL Logos Are Just Precious

11.07.14 3 years ago 32 Comments

Disney x NFL series – Atlanta Dumbos @atlantafalcons #nfl #disney

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As frequent suppliers of NFL logo redesigns, it’s our duty to point you in the direction of other nice redesigns. And so we recommend you check out the gallery of Disney themed NFL logos that ak47_studios has on Instagram. It’s no secret that logo redesigns are great for clicks, which is why every general sports blog out there either already has or will aggregate these, but it’s awesome for Deadspin to go for those clicks while shitting on the content at the same time. That’s the Gawker difference!

Disney x NFL series – Indianapolis Wreck-It Colts @colts #disney #nfl #mondaynightfootball

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— Deion Sanders said in an interview with Larry King that he thinks homosexuality “could be” a choice because God makes no mistakes. Deion also said he doesn’t know who would not choose to be gay, which sounds either like he’s admitting that he’s gay or just really jealous of their lifestyle. “Aw man, why’d God have to tell me that’s a sin? Sucking dick looks so fun!”

— Last night, Andy Dalton only had the 83rd worst quarterback performance since 1970, according to Football Perspective. Brandon Weeden still #1, motherfuckers.

— A serious discussion titled “Can Mark Sanchez lead the Eagles to a title?

— Browns punter Spencer Lanning got kicked in the face by Antonio Brown in Week 1 of this season but he’s still brave enough to talk shit to skill players like Bengals running back Jeremy Hill, who displayed some sour grapes after losing to the Browns by calling them worse than he thought and not that good.

— Ravens say cornerback Jimmy Smith is done for the season. Joe Flacco is going to have to be extra elite to compensate for the lack of a secondary on his team’s defense.

— Tony Romo is listed as probable for Sunday’s London game against the Jaguars. I think this is just a more savvy way by the Cowboys to challenge his toughness. “What’s that? Your back hurts? Well we’re gonna list you as probable anyway. It’s on you to tell all those Brits in random NFL jerseys that you won’t play.”

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