KLEARINGHOUSE: J.J. Watt is just a terrific young man

10.01.14 3 years ago 59 Comments

-In case you haven’t heard, J.J. Watt is an outstanding, hard-working human being that is perfect. He must have finally gotten around to reading page 2 of his “What do rich people buy?” Google search because he went out and bought his momma a nice car.

-J.J. also declined Dwight Howard’s offer to teach him how to do the “Nae Nae” dance which is something that is apparently a thing that I should know about. Credit where credit is due: Fox 26’s Mark Berman is ALL OVER Nae-Naegate 2014

— Kyle Orton is in a competition with himself to see who can look the way that everyone hopes Kyle Orton looks. His neckbeard seems to have migrated north to just above the hole he shoves whiskey into.

Meanwhile Sarah Sprague thinks he looks more like some rando emo kid who looks like he cares too much about baseball:

unnamed (2)

— Let’s check in on the Raiders coaching search, shall we? Oh cool so Jon Gruden says that he doesn’t want to return to the sidelines. The nice thing about firing your coach this early in the season is that you get first crack at your Joe Philbins, your Jeff Fishers, your Jason Garretts, your Mike Smiths, and your Marc Trestmans when they get fired on black Monday.

-Giants TE Larry Donnell benched himself in fantasy football last week, opting to start Vernon Davis instead.

If I were an NFL player there’s no chance I would ever bench myself in my fantasy league. I wouldn’t care if I was a 4th stringer, there are only a finite number of Sundays that you can literally be your own fantasy, and I would take full advantage of that.

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