KLEARINGHOUSE: NFL Broadcasts Mercifully Sparing Us Shots Of Mike Glennon

10.16.14 3 years ago 70 Comments

The Wall Street Journal did some very essential analysis on how many times in the average game that a head coach and starting quarterback are shown on the sideline by TV cameras. Mike Glennon is thankfully on the bottom of the list because no one ever wants to look at Mike Glennon more times than they absolutely have to. I mean, really. Also, NFL broadcasts are clearly aware of the comedy goldmine that are Jim Harbaugh reactions.

— Brandon Marshall still ripping on Chad Henne for sucking. Just as we all are.

— Some British comedian who looks kind of like Aaron Rodgers went to Green Bay and fooled the locals into thinking he was the Packers quarterback. I’d say compare fooling Packers fans to shooting fish in a barrel, but fish is far too lean a meat.

— Who’s to blame for the Steelers sucking on offense? Most people say it’s Todd Haley, but Hines Ward says Ben Roethlisberger is at fault. Bad Rongrastname!

— Marvin Lewis says concussions linger longer these days because of the media. That’s right – I’m giving football players brain damage. Sorry about that, everyone.

— The Buccaneers director of player development was arrested for a DUI early Thursday morning. Gotta say, pretty impressive it took this long since he’s clearly been drunk since taking the job.

— According to a painstaking study by The Washington Post looking at how the Redskins perform in each color of pants they wear, it appears it is in gold pants that they suck the most.

— J.J. Watt gave a motivational speech to a youth football team he just happened to spot on his way home. Hmm. I wonder who else meets with football teams…

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