KLEARINGHOUSE: Talking And Playing, Sizes May Vary

04.27.15 3 years ago 68 Comments

RGIII is a living #brand and #brands need slogans. Naturally, the ‘Skins quarterback needs another motto to attach to his latest supposed comeback season.

Griffin, who arrived in Washington amid an unprecedented marketing blitz, has had a slogan for each season. “Know Your Why” conveyed his focus as a rookie, “All in for Week One” his zeal to rebound from a second knee injury and last spring’s was “This Is for Us.” After back-to-back losing seasons, Griffin’s motto heading into Year 4 is: “Talk small and play big.”

If only he incorporated something about a stick, he’d be the next Teddy Roosevelt. Does Kirk Cousins need to keep coming up with new slogans? Of course not, because “PFT Commenter’s favorite quarterback” is an evergreen.

— Meanwhile, the ‘Skins have exercised their 2016 option on Griffin, which means he’s scheduled to make about $16 million in his fifth year. Of course, unless he has another 2012-type year (without the season-ending injury, natch) this coming season there’s no way that’s actually going

— There’s a Reddit thread seriously asking whether Jimmy Clausen is a better option at quarterback than Jay Cutler. C’mon, words hurt, my friends.

— Over the weekend, Greg Hardy abandoned his Bentley in a flash flood in Dallas. He later came back in a Ferrari to retrieve some of his stuff from the car. That’s just the life of luxury one leads when making $13 million for being suspended.

— Jason Garrett spent the weekend awkwardly leering at James Harden and probably thinking to himself, “Can you imagine this unkempt man at our eating club? Ugh, ghastly!”

— According to Charles Robinson, the Cowboys haven’t even spoken with the Vikings regarding an Adrian Peterson trade. The Cardinals, however, are willing to part with a first-round pick for the running back.

— While Jaguars fans are holding out hope that Justin Blackmon might return, there doesn’t appear to be any developments on his reinstatement. Fans, meanwhile, are starting to get the idea that he doesn’t want to come back to the NFL even if he could.

— LeGarrette Blount ain’t afraid to bat down haters on Twitter.

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