KLEARINGHOUSE: The Edelman Rule And Ray McDonald Signs

03.24.15 3 years ago 47 Comments

With the use of just a few ties, a fan turned his beard into a fleur de lis for the Saints. Do we have Dave Rappoccio already working on a “All 32 NFL Logos as beards” post? Sorry, I can’t divulge such privileged information. Though just this morning PFT Commenter suggested “all 32 coaches as their logos with semi boners” so we’ll see if we can make that happen.

— Speaking of the Saints, Sean Payton is spending time assuring the media that the team is not exploring a trade involving Drew Brees, which may or may not be true, but probably sounds comforting if you’re the type of fan who takes what coaches say at face value.

Ray McDonald signed a one-year deal with the Bears, making this the second straight week someone involved in one of last year’s big domestic assault cases has been signed by an NFL team. I suppose we can be on the lookout for Ray Rice’s return next week.

— Department of Justice officials are defending the ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board last year to strip the Washington Redskins of trademark protections. That ruling is still under appeal, but at least has the support of the DOJ, fwiw.

— Vince Kendrick, the player who scored the first touchdown in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history, died at the age of 63 on Saturday.

— Among the new rules being passed is the unofficially named Julian Edelman Rule, which is not related to Tinder hookups putting pictures of you on the Internet, but rather the more important matter of giving concussion spotters at NFL games the ability to remove players from action who are observed displaying concussion symptoms. If a player passes the concussion test, they will have to sit out one play before returning to action.

— Mike Brown was the only owner who voted against the NFL suspending the TV blackout for the 2015 policy. That might seem to reinforce all those Mike-Brown-is-super-cheap stereotypes, though he describes it as railing against the revenue-sharing structure of the policy punishing small market teams.

— Jon Gruden calls forth the full power of his shtick to break down the second Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. So many questions. Will this year’s winner get buried as badly as Cesaro was last year? “THIS CESARO, I CALL HIM DWIGHT FREENEY BECAUSE HE SPINS AROUND A LOT!”

— Finally, some #branding news: the NFL will have gold 50-yardline markers and gold shields on all the playing fields this season in honor of Super Bowl 50. Do gold and pink work together? We’ll find out this October!

— Me neither, Bill.

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