Kommentariat Komments of the Week: August 6-13, 2014

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Certificate Of Merit Aug 13


Welcome back to the KSK Kommentariat Comments of the Week. Sorry for the week off in there, but long story short; I was without a computer last week and unfortunately left the rest of the team shorthanded, thus everyone had to devote all of their energies to actual football coverage. Rest assured, we all read your comments and they were quite amusing.

As for this week, special love goes out to everyone in the This Week in F–K You: Depression thread. Truly love. And a special thanks to Bostjan Snachbar for his very special Cowboys poem. I could stay up all night reading Keats, drinking and what have you and still not come up with a poem as inspired as his.

Without further ado, I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your Comments of the Week for August 3-13, 2014. We’re less than a month away from football now.

It’s Sexy Time, Miami

GN Punk

If there isn’t another piece on the Sex Cannon running around with Johnny Football, I’m going to be upset. More upset than Michele Bachmann getting it over a stair railing from Rexy.

(Reply) LauraM

The next chapter in KSK Masterpiece Theater.

/Bra flies open

Marshawn Lynch Investigated for Assault, Inspires Thousands of Insensitive “Beast Mode” Comments On Bleacher Report

Old School Zero

Jesus, get over it, Denver.

KSK Requests That Peter King Go Bleep Himself In 19 Different Ways

The Jersey Devil

A haiku for Peter King . . .

Fuck you Peter King.
Beer and coffee do not mix.
Eat a bag of dicks.

*crowd finger snaps*

Exclusive Look At Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Troubled Curriculum

I love it when you call me Bob Poppa

Student: I can’t wait to tackle this curriculum!
Deion: We don’t tackle.

Otto Man

English Class — Third Person is the Only Person

KSK 2014 NFL Prekkake: Dallas Cowboys

Otto Man


Yup, Blaine Gabbert Still Sucks


Don’t be an ass. Just say the team name: Washington Drunken Casino Dwellers.

KSK 2014 NFL Prekkake: Jacksonville Jaguars

Troll-So-Hard University

Quiz: If someone shouts “CANNONBALL” at a Jaguars home game, it means that

A. He is jumping into the pool
B. He is nostalgic for the days of MJD
C. There is a vigorous debate over what to do with the team
D. The South has risen


E. Really like The Breeders
F. Is smoking weed/drinking out of jug with Carl the Groundskeeper


G. Tebow was tired of being ignored bought a cannon and snapped
H. A remake of The Cannonball Run is being filmed and they wanted to test the theme song.

KSK 2014 NFL Prekakke: Kansas City Chiefs

Otto Man

I literally spat on the ground just reading Lin Elliott’s name.

And now this Starbucks manager is getting all pissy about it.


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