Kommentariat Komments Of The Week: May 13th — May 19th

05.20.15 3 years ago 61 Comments

reading a book for the first time

Kommenting is a lot like sex: it’s best not to whine, you get better with practice, and it’s important to remember not to just walk into a group of people who have been doing it together for years and just assume you know what’s up and how to be the most popular person in the room doing it. Here are this week’s komments of the week.

The Patriots Used WordPress To Respond To Deflategate With Lots Of CAPS LOCK

Bill Belichick: Uh oh, we drew Ted Wells.
Tom Brady: What? Is that bad?
Belichick: Well, he’s had it out for me since I kinda screwed around with some footballs.
Brady: You did?
Belichick: Well, replace the word “kinda” with “repeatedly”, and replace the words “some footballs” with ” his mom.”

Peter King Is Concerned That Odell Beckham Didn’t ‘Earn’ The Madden Cover

Undrafted FA
Nice to see PK letting everyone know this is the second time Dolphins fans regret Garo Yepremian’s passing.

I love it when you call me Bob Poppa
“The St. Louis Cardinals are apace to draw 3.5 million fans for second straight year. What a franchise. What a baseball town”.
-Yakoff Smirnov’s guide to American Sporting Activities for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Belarus

Indianapolis Ranks Last In Fitness, Colts Fans Rejoice

Moose (The Thread Ender)
+2 back boobs

Not surprising. When I visited my extended family last summer in Indy my Uncle was complaining about shin splints… From walking.
Let that sink in for a sec.


Horatio Cornblower
“Let that sink in for a sec.’ Sort of like your uncle’s feet into asphalt on a hot day?

The NFL’s Play 60 Seconds initiative really took hold in Indy.

Yinzers Keep Inventing Terrible Mascots

Sill Bimmons
Steely McBeam fuels two things: nightmares and popper orgies.

It looks like someone took Chris Farley’s corpse down to the Pet Sematary.

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