KSK Celebrity Pickakke: Rosie O’Donnell

01.27.09 9 years ago 66 Comments

The celebrity Super Bowl pick is a time-honored tradition, one we at KSK are super fucking excited to be a part of, as we have in the past. For the next two weeks, stars from the world of entertainment, politics, and more will drop by to make their picks for the big game in Tampa! Up next, continuing our butch theme for the day, is Rosie O’Donell.

4 me
the Super Bowl is just a game
y r we still playing games?
we need to stop playing in America 2day

i keep an extra pack of Ball Park franks in my vaginal cavern

u must be tru to yourself in this world
and not b-lieve what everyone thinks
u should b
u should do

I keep a severed penis wrapped in vines

hopes and fears
faith and science?
all u know
is all we have

i feed my cat old tampons

obama is the sun and sea

if u want 2 know about the View
i won’t tell u
gossip is a waste
a black hole of energy

but Liz Hasselbeck is a major league cunt

and Barbara eats puppies 2 stay young

and Sherri Sheppard has an IQ of 6

and Joy Behar’s tits reach her feet

don’t feed the lies
don’t feed the bears
love the animals
and love the planet


the gays love me

i love my kids
they are the light
but the nanny didn’t use organic soap
so I beat her to death with her own mop

are u gonna finish that pot roast?

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