KSK Commenter Draft: Character Costume You’d Wear to Comic-Con

08.14.09 8 years ago 148 Comments

Comic-Con was a few weeks ago, so this might not be the most topical subject, but no one ever said these drafts had touch on current events anyway, soshutupwhateverleavemealone. The beautiful thing about the event is that it’s a place for geeks to geek out to the fullest extent without fear of being judged (at least too severely). This leads to the only setting other than an IMF protest where you see average folks decked out in overly elaborate costumes. It’s actually cool to see socially backward people to use their creative energy on things that don’t involve stalking.

Therefore, you too will now draft a fictional character’s costume/get-up to wear to Comic-Con. It should probably be something sci-fi, video game or comics related, but we’re willing to relax the rules for other pop culture totems.

With my first pick, I select Inspector Gadget, that way I’ll conveniently have a trench coat ready so I can flash Olivia Munn.

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