KSK Commenter Draft: Cover Songs

04.23.10 7 years ago 386 Comments

Normally we’d wait until after the draft to switch over from our mock drafts to the commenter mock drafts, but now that the draft is spread over three days we’re going to get an early start. This week you the commenter will be drafting your favorite cover songs of all time. It should be easy enough, so please try to not screw it up by picking Madonna’s American Pie. I’ll get the draft rolling with a ceremonial first pick…

1. KOGOD- All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan*)

*Try to include the original artist if possible.

It’s an obvious choice, and a damn fine one at that. Now it’s your turn, so think carefully, make a pick, wait ten picks before repeating, and for the love of god, NO F*CKING MADONNA!

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