KSK Exclusive: Important Documents Obtained

07.20.12 18 Comments

As a rookie, one who is presumed to be the team’s starter in Week 1, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is up to his eyebrows in preparation right now. The transition from the college game to the faster, more involved NFL experience is notoriously hard, and with training camp right around the corner, the clock is ticking. He’s spending every waking hour either in the film room, working with his new receivers, or in meetings with coaches to discuss strategy. It’s a hectic but exciting process.

In the above photo, Luck is taking pen to paper in the team’s offices as part of this preparation. Thanks to a source within the organization, KSK was able to exclusively obtain the documents after Luck was done writing on them. I’ve posted them after the jump, and I think you’ll agree that they provide fascinating insight into the mind of a top pick — and presumed franchise savior — as he gets ready for his first NFL season.


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