KSK Exklusive: Second Saints Bounty Slide Revealed

06.19.12 6 years ago 34 Comments

The NFL was finally forced to turn over some of its evidence of the Saints bounty system, showing some of it to the NFLPA, but leaving most of the nuggets for a presentation at league headquarters for the inner circle of NFL media whoredom, including our beloved mayor of Precociousville, Peter King.

The details that came of that presentations are relatively sparse, but the highlights are the $35,000 bounty to take Brittfar out of the 2009 NFC Championship Game. There’s also the above Powerpoint slide taken from the Saints computer system that was turned over by owner Tom Benson to the league. I’m not sure it proves that the Saints are guilty of bounties so much as it shows that they’re really, really terrible at Powerpoint. Christ, that looks like something a 9-year-old put together for a science fair project.

Well, KSK has come into possession of a second confidential Saints bounty slide, which is even more incriminating and slightly more coherent than the first:

Meanwhile, Breesus has already likened the NFL’s case against the Saints to that of the Bush administration’s about WMDs leading up to the Iraq War. That’s not a comparison worth making until the NFL dispatches PK to testify before the UN to get approval to invade New Orleans. “We believe our case is rock solid, I think. We are left with no alternative to invade, unless we aren’t. I don’t know. MAYBE.”

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