KSK Klearinghouse: Hiding all the drug suspensions over the holiday weekend

07.03.14 3 years ago 20 Comments
Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - September 18, 2005

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– News dump before the holiday weekend as the league announced Colts wide receiver LaVon Brazill will be suspended for the entire 2014 season for violating the substance abuse policy. Should have just bitten someone instead.

– The Dolphins Dion Jordan will be suspended for four games after testing positive for PEDs. As Larry Brown Sports points out, Jordan recently came to OTAs much larger than he had been last season and probably feeling a little insecure as Miami had tried to trade him during the offseason. Dion for his part is claiming that he took stimulants, nothing to build muscle mass. Also should have just bitten someone.

– The Buffalo Bills trust sent out the official sales book covering buying the Bills today to various billionaires and other investment groups who may or may not want to buy the team. Imagine that sort of pocket scratch that someone just sends you NDAs so they can send you sales brochures. I’m going to start demanding the same from Crate & Barrel so I can feel like a rockstar. In the report it says the Toronto group (which includes New Jersey native son Jon Bon Jovi) may no longer be interested in moving the team to Toronto and would rather keep the the Bills in Buffalo. Damn sneaky Canadians and ’80s hairstyles. Wouldn’t trust ’em.

Jordan Cameron altered his Twitter bio after Jimmy Graham’s Twitter bio was used against him in arbitration in recent weeks. Who pointed it out? Rovell of course. Still silly to think that Twitter bios could be cited in a hearing about how a person plays football and how they should be paid, but as someone pointed out earlier, Twitter is also a place where two bots talked to each other and then Bank of America tried to help them so the future is really weird sometimes.

– Over on Fox Sports Live, Brian Urlacher said it was a shame that Adrian Peterson hasn’t had a quarterback in years, which is true, but that’s a terrible thing to say when you’re sitting across the table from Donovan McNabb. (I’m sorry, it really is a slow news day and I promise the mailbag is coming.)

– Not NFL, but my buddy Ramzy Nasrallah posted a great looking bourbon ice tea recipe for the Fourth over on THE Ohio State blog Eleven Warriors. We were fools for not taking bourbon higher in the American things draft.

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