KSK Kommenter Draft: Dating a Rockstar

06.21.13 5 years ago 511 Comments

shakira and pique
Get your hands off of her, Spanish McBleedsalot. I called dibs.

We have another draft for you this week inspired by dedicated mock draft topic enthusiast Zack. The idea is simple. You will pick a rockstar girlfriend/boyfriend (from any genre of music, obviously) that you would want to date for a period of one year. You pick the artist, and you pick the year. You can pick anyone in music history, so while their age is relevant, yours is not. You pick based on any standards you choose, so choose wisely.

After considerable (waaaaay too much) deliberation, I’m going with Shakira. As for year…I’d say 2002 is about right. Her star was shining brightly in her mid-20’s, and she wasn’t on tour for most of the year. Plus, it was before that bastard Gerard Pique got his hooks in her. Continue after the jump for further reasons to back up my selection, then add your pick in the comments.

good luck not spending the entire day staring at this

shakira gif

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