KSK Kommenter Draft: Foods Improved By the Grill

grilled lemons a la maj
Fire: Making everything taste better since forever.

Welcome back from your stupid one day holiday oasis. Don’t worry, today will be over soon. To help move things along we’re going to argue about grilled food for a while. The idea of this draft is to pick a food that is most improved by the grill when compared to the default cooking method.

Wait, have we done this one before? I can’t really think today, let alone remember things. I googled, but found nothing, so it’s fresh and new as far as I’m concerned.

With the first pick I’m taking corn.


Oh my god, look at that f*cking corn. That’s pornographic. Serena Williams thinks that if corn went out on the street looking like it would be asking to be assaulted by some guy’s mouth.

Corn was one of the many things I grilled yesterday (lemons, garlic, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, peaches, cod and some neighbor girl’s piece of salmon), because no matter where I go I find myself with tongs in hand. This is for the best, because I’m terrible at parties (Hi, I’m Jack. I’m sorry, I’m much funnier on Twitter.) Out of all of them, nothing benefited from its time on the grill more than that corn. Its charry goodness made it exponentially better than some sad steamer basket.

Make your picks in the comments, and don’t forget to make fun of me for not grilling any actual meat products.

Corn porn via old gray lady.

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