KSK Kommenter Draft: Which member of the same sex would you switch places with for a year?

08.05.11 6 years ago 166 Comments



This week’s draft topic is inspired not only by the news that George Clooney flew Stacy Keibler out to Lake Como for some celebrity coitus, but also by the release of The Change-Up. In case you watch all of your television on the DVR sans commercials, that’s the “raunchy rom-com” starring Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, and a machine that makes fart noises (Oh Mrs. Apatow, you really should cool it on the thai food!). It’s easy to compare it to another movie with the same plot device, only this one doesn’t feature a barely legal Lindsay Lohan. I know, seems pointless to me too.

Today you’ll be picking one member of the same sex with whom you would switch places with for a period of one year. While it’s easy to pick somebody whose body you’d want to inhabit, you must consider the other side of the coin. The person you pick will live your life for the full year, or until you can find the Zoltar machine to switch things back. Wait a minute…wrong trope. My fault, this is all very confusing. Choose wisely.

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