KSK Kommenter Draft: Any Player In History Who Would Improve Your Team Today

05.09.14 4 years ago 170 Comments


Generally NFL draft marks the beginning of the end of the KSK Kontributors Mock Drafts and the start of the KSK Kommenter Mock Drafts, but this year we are going to keep doing mock drafts all during the offseason. We’re greedy like that and want to make sure when it’s our turn in any draft we get baked hoagies, Knack guitar solos and RobotsFightingDinosaurs taking some cartoon that he watched in his footie pajamas just last week.

But just not this week. This week we’re busy with the real draft, drinking and yelling at Kevin Colbert for passing on Darqueze Dennard.

Since the real draft is a time when you can improve your team, this week we are picking any retired NFL player you would pluck from history and add to your team today.

Think strategically. You may be tempted to take Ricky Watters, but why would you take Watters when you’re Vikings fan? Actually maybe you would and then run a platoon of amazing running backs and still not win a Super Bowl. Believe that’s called looking California, but feeling Minnesota.

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