KSK Kommenter Draft: Postmortalize Somebody

08.16.13 4 years ago 113 Comments

postmortal in german
You guys haven’t read The Postmortal until you’ve read it in German.

You remember Drew, right? Tall guy who used to hang around here. Kind of heavy until he gave up the bread sandwiches and went to work at Gawker and GQ. Well he tweeted some pretty cool news recently. Somebody wants to turn one of his books into a movie, and this time it’s not Drew optioning a porn parody of Men With Balls under an assumed name. It’s a guy who actually directs the kind of movies where people wear clothes and kiss like they aren’t trying to eat an overripe peach.

This week we are celebrating the good news by drafting a person to receive the Postmortal treatment. You must pick a living person, who would be given the cure. Whoever you pick will stop aging, and be able to contribute to society without aging until they perish. If you pick an inventor, they will be able to continue inventing. If you pick a porn star, they will continue to S a mean D. But remember, anybody can burn out.

With the first pick, I’ll take David Simon. Will he ever match The Wire? Probably not. But if he keeps pumping out Homicide and Treme I’ll be pretty happy. Is this a terrible choice? Definitely, but I have to go to sleep because I have a cross-country flight first thing in the morning and I’ve sat here for an hour trying to figure out the right pick. Make yours in the comments. No need to think TOO hard about it.

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