KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: The Colts Get A Perm

01.07.14 4 years ago 45 Comments


— Deion Branch signed with the Colts in advance of Indianapolis’ playoff game in New England. While some might speculate that it might give Indy some insight into the Patriots’ offense, all Indy really wanted was to add Branch’s perm to its collection of hair oddities.

— The folks at Advanced NFL Stats did a thought experiment to see if the Chiefs had a better chance to win against the Colts if Kansas City had just started taking knees once they took a 38-10 lead with 13:39 left in the third quarter. The answer: probably!

— Jim Caldwell is interviewing which the Titans for their head coaching job. If the photo layout on NFL.com is any indication (it isn’t) he’s just as troubled as Tennessee fans about that development.


— Chris Kluwe has retained legal counsel after claiming that the Vikings probably left him go for his advocacy for equal rights. His lawyer’s first bit of advice: don’t visit Nuke Island.

— Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have officially hired Leslie Frazier as their defensive coordinator. Frazier hopes Lavonte David doesn’t try to court controversy with his opinions.

— The Jaguars rigged a giant zipline rope swing over EverBank Field. Hey, if anything goes wrong, there’s all that tarp there to break your fall.

— According to Sally Jenkins, RGIII bragged to teammates that he could get perks from Dan Snyder upon request so long as it wasn’t a decent lineman or defense.

— Marshawn Lynch pledged to match and donate to charity the money that fans raise to cover his fine for not talking to reporters. Nice idea until Roger Goodell boasts that his fines just mean double charity funds.

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