KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Folsom Prison Peyton

04.29.14 4 years ago 49 Comments

Peyton Manning hopped on stage to cover “Folsom Prison Blues” at a charity gala with country singer Jake Owen. I’m upset that he didn’t change the lyric to I SOLD A MAN A PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA… JUST TO WATCH HIM DIE…

— The Broncos have been using the number 35 as a mantra during off-season workouts because remembering that they got their asses handed to them is motivation to keep working harder so they can get back and lose terribly in the Super Bowl next year too.

— There is a report circulating that the NFL has narrowed its search for a team to cover on “Hard Knocks” this season to three options: the Bears, Giants and Steelers. C’MON I NEED CUTLER HARD KNOCKS IN MY LIFE! Also Marty B would be of good entertainment value.

— Meanwhile, NFL PR guy Greg Aiello calls that report about Hard Knocks totally inaccurate. BOOOOOOOOO!

— By the way, it’s Jay Cutler’s 31st birthday. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

— Speaking of Hard Knocks, here’s video footage of Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser beating up a restaurant employee. No, not in front of the kegs!

— Jay Gruden assures the media he will not try to turn RGIII into a robot, which is probably for the best but might have been a good solution for the concussion crisis.

— Gronk tailgated at the Kansas State spring game over the weekend and naturally beer bong in a bro’s pants was a thing in evidence.


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