KSK KONTENT KLEARINGHOUSE: ‘Hard Knocks’ Trailer and Sunday Ticket’s Fantasy Channel

07.07.14 4 years ago 106 Comments

There’s a Falcons “Hard Knocks” trailer, which is basically people talking about how great the “Hard Knocks” series is how excited they are for it to start. That’s barely even a tease, but since NFL Films can’t actually get any useful footage until the Falcons arrive for training camp, it’s about all we could ask for. Yay July!

— Julian Edelman will drive the pace car in next Sunday’s Sprint Cup NASCAR race in New Hampshire. It’ll be the first race where the pace car uses its heart and grit to outhustle the more flashy and better equipped race cars, or at least that’s what all the Patriots fans in attendance will be hoping for.

— Khalil Mack is this week’s fill-in for the Nugget Baron over at The MMQB. Evidently, he’s working very hard and getting drafted in the NFL is quite the experience. Who would have thought?

— Paragon of journalistic responsibility Mike Florio refuses to speculate about Johnny Manziel in a speculative post about Manziel. Floors has graduated to meta trolling. Be safe out there, everyone.

— The bad news is the guy who posted Josh Gordon’s $500 bail on Saturday has a lengthy rap sheet. The good news is his nickname is Fats, which is a good nickname for anyone, criminal or no.

— OFF-TOPIC: Newspaper puts the N-word in the headline of an op-ed talking about Obama. I assume that’s the publication PFT Commenter will leave us for.

— Chris Johnson said it’s no big deal that Johnny Manziel parties during the off-season because that when players get to live their lives. Upon reading that, Roger Goodell deeply regrets not pressing harder during the last CBA negotiations for mandatory player mental reconditioning during the off-season.

— DirecTV Sunday Ticket is adding a channel that focuses solely on the fantasy football implications of Sunday’s action and will broadcast, like the RedZone Channel, while games are ongoing. Co-hosting will be former linebacker Dhani Jones, who seemed like he needed another TV job. There will also be an on-set kitchen where an in-studio chef will cook up food and hot fantasy takes for some reason.

— This week in players sounding too upbeat or confident of their skills plus writers need a headline: Geno Smith says “why not us?” of the Jets making the Super Bowl; Brandon Flowers says he’s the best cornerback in football.

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