KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Huck It, Chuck It

06.18.14 3 years ago 54 Comments

A yinzer designed a prospective patch that the Steelers have suggested the team might wear this season in honor of late former coach Chuck Noll. This is just a fan design, not anything that team has released or even said it’s considering, but it is a nice simple design though I like it mostly because of the “HUCK IT, CHUCK IT, FOOOOOOOTBALL” jokes I’ll be able to make.

— The Panthers signed a Make-A-Wish kid to a contract that included a bonus of Skittles and Kit-Kat bars. Figures to be the future model for doing deals with defensive tackles.

— Earl Bennett has been cut by the Browns after only a little more than a month with the team. Well then. I guess some other lucky team will get to use him as a fourth receiver this season.

— Jared Allen is building a home for a Marine who was injured in Afghanistan, which is a great gesture even if Allen is building the house out of beer bottles and deer pelt.

— DeSean Jackson: yet another person fond of posting LeBron choking memes on social media.

— Aaron Hernandez’s defensive attorneys are requesting Hernandez’s psychological, medical and other personal records from the Patriots. Bill Belichick will be glad to turn them over once he gets a chance to redact all text aside from the “GRUMBLE GRUMBLE FUCK YOU” he wrote in the evaluation sections.



— Robert Hopkins, the 29-year-old Bills fan who plunged from the upper deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium during a game in November, was found guilty of second-degree reckless endangerment and third-degree assault. Thanks to stadium surveillance footage used at the trial, we now have a much more gruesome look at how it went down.

— Brady Quinn has more negative things to say about Johnny Manziel which is one of those stories that anyone is even bothering to write up because it’s the doldrums of June.

— Meanwhile, Johnny Manziel signed his rookie contract on Tuesday and Blake Bortles signed his on Wednesday morning. The new CBA did away with super ridiculous rookie quarterback contracts, which I understand, but also miss the humor potential those presented.

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