KSK KONTENT KLEARINGHOUSE: Lynch Skips the White House, Cute Dogs and Cleveland Women in High-Waisted Jeans

05.22.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

Vicktory Dog ADORABLEVia Best Friends 

– Sunday Night Football was the highest rated prime time show for the third TV season in a row, which we’re in for at least another 2-3 minutes being added to to the “I Hate My Self (For Loving You)”-based intro this fall. [NBC Sports]

– Michael Vick has abdicated the starting job (maybe abdicated isn’t the right word to use here, as he was never the starter in New York to begin with), to Geno Smith. Maybe “Michael Vick knows he’s not going to win the starting job during training camp but he’s there in case Smith falls apart by Week 3” works better for a slug line. [NJ.com]

– Speaking of Michael Vick, it’s worth noting that one of the “Vicktory Dogs” rehabilitated by Best Friends has finally passed all of its socialization tests and is now able to go home with the family that adopted him four years ago. The Oklahoma couple had been visiting the dog at the Best Friends sanctuary in Utah every three or four months in anticipation of giving him his forever home. (Editor’s note – I adopted my dog from Best Friends and am pretty proud of all the work they do at the sanctuary. Don’t give up on the athlete, don’t give up on the dogs.)  [BestFriends]

– Marshawn Lynch didn’t go with the rest of the Seahawks to visit the White House this week, but his mother says he offered up a fine “LOL” via text message when told President Obama was sad he was not there. [NFL.com]

– It’s not the fact that people are making unlicensed Johnny Football t-shirts that bothers me, it’s that hip Cleveland has embraced high-waisted jeans. No. They didn’t look good on your mothers and, speaking as one of you, they do not do an Industrial Belt women any favors. Just stop it. [Via Michael Singer]

– Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner of Virginia gave their reasons to WaPo for not signing the letter circulating congress calling on THE Washington Football Team to change their name. Kaine didn’t like the wording and Warner basically responded with DOOOOOOOOONNNNNNTTTTT CAAAAAAARRRRREEEEE. [DC Sports Bog]

– Tony Romo has moved on to jinxing pick-up basketball games. [Busted Coverage]

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– And finally, you have to think that threads like this on Reddit make executives at Topps cry. [Reddit NFL]

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