KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Nice Work, Draftniks

04.22.14 3 years ago 93 Comments


Do you need another reminder that draftniks don’t know shit? Nope, probably not, but here’s a fun one anyway: Sam Monson of PFF found this list of top prospects for the 2008 Draft in a game late in the ’07 season. Haha, Brian Brohm. He played in three NFL games.

— ESPN will get to televise a Wild Card game and NBC will get a divisional round playoff game this season. Honestly, I’m fine listening to Gruden and Tirico call a game over either CBS or NBC’s B-team of announcers.

— Giants safety Will Hill faces a possible season-long suspension for another failed drug test. Given that the NFL started annual weed testing on 4/20, the timing would seem to suggest that was the culprit, which would be extra hilarious since it’s widely known that’s when the NFL starts testing.

— The field at Levi’s Stadium is complete, making this the perfect time for Aldon Smith to crash through a wall with a monster truck and burn donuts in it.

— DeSean Jackson: apparently looking forward to playing the Eagles. Now there’s a hot scoop. Might want to put oven mitts on your cursor before clicking it.

— Kyle Orton missed the first day of voluntary workouts at Cowboys camp. If my future employment hinged on beating out Brandon Weeden, I’d take a relaxed approached as well.

— Terrelle Pryor was traded to the Seahawks for a seventh-round pick. Quick PFTCommenter strong take: “Seahawks signed him to play scout team QB 3 times per year to simulate kapernick since pryors inky arms are as close as u can get to the real deal”

— Doug Flutie decided on Saturday morning that he wanted to run this year’s Boston Marathon. And he did! I guess when you’re a celebrity, you can just hop right in. He ran the course with American flag shorts. Seems he wanted everyone to get a nice long look at them, as his official finishing time was 5:23:54.

— Tavon Austin: grindin’


— Keyshawn Johnson was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly injuring his ex-girlfriend by smashing her phone and injuring her hand.

— Former Cowboys center Phil Costa is retiring at the age of 26. In 2013, he was engaged to Brooke Hogan but she broke it off in November. Those events are almost certainly unrelated, but being rid of football and Hogan at least presages a more healthy future.

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