KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Vick and Obama

07.31.09 8 years ago 30 Comments

The pit bull is drinking Blue Moon, because he’s a Nazi sympathizer you see. AJC cartoon via @PJHart.

The Sporting News killed a bit of time by compiling a list of the 50 greatest coaches of all time, regardless of sport. Vince Lombardi is the highest ranked NFL coach at number two, and he’s joined in the top five by Don Shula (5). Bill Belichick (20) is the only active coach on the list. Of course all that really matters to me is Joe Gibbs (17) narrowly besting Tom Landry (18). So suck on that, Texas. Of note: Landry’s hat finished 49th, just ahead of some NHL coach nobody cares about.

– Could Mike Vick be headed to Pittsburgh? Chris Mortensen thinks it’s a perfect fit, but some guy from Bleacher Report begs to differ. So between Mort and BR only one can be wrong. I don’t know who to not believe! In other Vick non-news, the man himself claims to be close to a return. However our good friend Peter King thinks Vick’s full of shit. Imagine that! Leave it to King to call out Vick for being less than truthful all the while breathlessly regurgitating every word that comes out of Camp Favre.

– Redskins training camp began yesterday. It’s a great place to go if you enjoy gathering before dawn, purchasing Jason Taylor jerseys for next to nothing, or getting together with some like-minded Hokie fans. Aside from that it’s pretty fucking pointless.

Obama unicorn art. It doesn’t have anything to do with football, but some things just have to be seen. And if anyone can tell me why Obama is standing in between Stalin and Hugh Laurie I’m all ears.

– In more Vick non-news, somebody went to Craigslist to post their claim that they saw Vick on a plane heading for Boston last night. The post has since been deleted by the author, because Belichick got to him! It’s going to be great when this is all over. 42 more days until the season starts. If the NFL were smart they’d come up with an advent calendar to mark the occasion. They could fill it with Xanax to make the next six weeks float by in a cloud.

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