KSK Mock Draft: Fictional Flight You’d Like To Be On

03.06.15 3 years ago 147 Comments

This week’s draft awoke a nefarious spirit that have caused two flights to go awry. Our bad on that one. Last week, Trevor Risk suggested we draft fictional airplane flights to be on. In the course of actually conducting the draft yesterday, a plane skid off the runway at LaGuardia and Harrison Ford crashed small vintage plane onto a golf course. So we’re mostly glad we’re done so no further destruction can be pinned on us.

Your picks in the comments.

1. Spilly – The “watch the birdie” scene from Top Gun.

Who DOESN’T want to flip off the Russians and take a Polaroid while performing dangerous and highly unstable piloting maneuvers?

2. RobotsFightingDinosaurs – The Helicopter That Takes You To Isla Nublar

Just to be in the same vicinity as Jeff Goldblum when he delivers this laugh would be priceless. It might not be the most plush or luxurious form of air travel around, but hanging out with hot scientists talking about dinosaurs appeals to my inner 13-year old more than a 1st-class luxury cabin in a jumbo jet ever could.

3. Christmas Ape – Con Air



Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Danny Trejo and Dave Chappelle?

4. Trevor Risk – Terror at 20,000 Feet.



Wanna party with THAT kind of Shatner.

5. Big Sandy – The “Fantasy Island” plane.

You know it’s a drunken, stoned orgy until you step off the plane and then you see Ricardo Montalban and his little friend and then it’s more drunken, stoned orgies.

6. Eric Sollenberger – Soul Plane

Hot boxing an airplane seems like a great idea, especially when Snoop Dogg is your pilot.

7. Johnny Sugar – The Airplane! plane

I want to hang out with Leslie Neilsen and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Who wouldn’t?

8. PFT Commenter – The orgy plane from Wolf of Wall Street

More bush on that plane then Air Force one folks

9. David Rappoccio – The “Always Sunny…” Wade Boggs drinking record flight

There is an episode of Always Sunny called “The Gang Beats Boggs” where the gang tries to drink a record number of beers on a cross country flight. That seems like fun.

10. StuScottsBooyahs – Jerry in first class on “Seinfeld”

I’ll take the scene in Seinfeld where Jerry takes a first-class ticket while Elaine gets relegated to coach and everything goes right for him. “That enables you to control your fudge distribution as you’re eating your ice cream!”

11. Old James – Britney Spears’ “Toxic” video

Personal reasons.

12. Old James – The NYC –> LA on Mad Men



Just to see what this whole “smoking on a plane” fuss is all about.

13. StuScottsBooyahs – Air Force One

Except I’ll cut Harrison Ford off and use the line before he can.

14. David Rappoccio – Snakes on a Plane

Fine, the plane with Snakes on it and Samuel L Jackson because that plane looked pretty comfy and spacious outside the whole venomous snake issue

15. PFT Commenter – Hot Shots plane

Topper Harley was a mans man who was a head of his time when it came to preemptivley and hilarously disarming saddam hussein.

16. Johnny Sugar – The flight from the “Fear Of Flying” Simpsons episode.

Not the one where Marge gets off, the one that goes into the ocean at the end.

17. Eric Sollenberger – The house from Up.

You get a nice trip in your own house plus there’s a dog that can talk. As relaxing as sharing a flight with Joe Paterno can be.

18. Big Sandy – The plane from LOST

So I can go around pointing out the plot holes to characters and then punch them.

19. Trevor Risk – The plane in Danger 5

I get to: smoke, flirt with Claire and Ilsa, have Pierre make me the perfect Lemon San Diego, and, as always… KILL HITLER.

20. Christmas Ape – The flight at the end of Casablanca

They got away from the Nazis! I bet there’s a lot of celebratory drinking on that flight.

21. RobotsFightingDinosaurs – The Arwing

Yes, I’d have to amputate my legs to deal with the massive g forces, but that’s a small price to pay to be able to do barrel rolls and loops while hanging out with Fox and Falco. I’d just have to get used to that annoying frog, and I’d be set. I seriously bet there are people who joined the Air Force because of Star Fox 64.

22. Spilly – Randy Quaid’s kamikaze run at the end of Independence Day.

Look, if I’m going to go, I want to do it in the most awesomely stupid way: flying with the president in a jet fighter into an alien ship and exploding.

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