KSK VOTEkakke: 2009 Jeff George Honorary Least Of The Year

03.04.10 8 years ago 90 Comments

Oh, look At Sulky McRedZonePick right there. Looks so happy. So confident. He has no idea of the horrible, god awful year about to crash down on his big stupid head. How marvelous.

So many players deserve your scorn from this past season. Why, think of all the players who boned you in fantasy (Matt Forte). Think of all the horrible quarterbacking we saw (Delhomme, Russell, The Browns disaster). Think of aged rapeosauruses (Shawne Merriman). From this veritable feast of nincompoopery, you must choose the poopiest player of all. I do not envy you in this task.

Vote below. “Winner” announced next week.

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