KSK Week In Review: Goodell Hate Parade!

02.13.15 3 years ago 137 Comments

Cheers, New Orleans. Your commitment to combining revelry and contempt for Roger Goodell is but one of your many graces.

Considering how easy it is to throw a parade in New Orleans (and I choose to believe it’s as simple as Hannibal Buress claims) there’s no reason why we should have to wait for Mardi Gras for Goodell hate floats. We could just organize our own entirely anti-Goodell celebration at any point of the year.

If KSK actually had things like money and organization, I would make this an annual offseason tradition. The KSK Goodell Hate Parade! If only…

Okay, that’s enough fantasizing about making mobile effigies for now. Two weeks of the offseason down. Only… 28 more to go. Feels like it’s flying by. This week was the return of some offseason KSK standards:

Animal murder!

Mock drafts!

— Me posting a bunch of pictures of literal shit because offseason.

Plus the debut of the “fans react” series with non-football subjects and Trevor Risk taking over the KSK mailbag. Back next week to see how else the Eagles will honor Black History Month.

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