KSK Week In Review: Purple Poo

07.24.15 3 years ago 139 Comments


The Ravens, along with the Jaguars, put out their own version of emoji this week. That means purple poo, perhaps the most useful emoji since the original poo. I want this to be the new Ravens logo. I doubt I’m alone on that one.

We’re still waiting all day for Sunday night! Roger Goodell to make his decision on how he wants to further make a mess of the Ballghazi scandal. It’s not coming today, according to an Ed Werder tweet in which he needlessly complains about his golf game.

So when is Goodell going to rule on this thing? In the middle of the Patriots third preseason game? I saw someone suggest Monday, August 3 because that’s Brady’s birthday and I do kind of like that. Ultimately, it’s a no-win for The Rog. He can pick a fight in court with Tom Brady in the players union or he can make some of the most powerful owners in the league angry with him. Granted, those upset owners will likely get over it after a while given that the NFL only makes exponentially more money each year, but it’s still a delightful no-win situation for the commissioner to find himself in. Peter King this week suggested that Goodell should push back any Deflategate punishment until 2016 after the league has had a chance to gauge the inflation levels of all gameballs during the upcoming season. It’s a terrible idea, of course, and only further convinces me that Rog feeds PK half-baked ideas for the Nugget Baron to publicly float just in case one actually enjoys public support.

Teams are starting to report for training camp so there might actually be stuff to do next week. Until then, here’s how we pissed away this part of July:

— LeSean McCoy is having one last blowout summer orgy on Sunday before reporting to camp and the Bills are mostly just upset that he used their logo in his creepy flyer without permission.

— Titans receiver Justin Hunter was arrested for breaking a man’s jaw at a bar in Virginia Beach. The NFL is expected to investigate the matter themselves using that handy parallel law enforcement the league has. That means the commissioners exempt list could be getting a new addition.

— Seriously, football needs to hurry up and come back. We actually covered a Twitter fight between the Cardinals and the Browns.

— Finally, if you haven’t had a chance, check out RFD and Rappoccio’s breakdown of which Battlebots could make it in professional football. You know it’s worthwhile when it actually elicits anger from one of the designers on the show!

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