KSK Week in review

02.20.15 3 years ago 396 Comments


The NFL Columbine started this week and boy its been a real eye opener so far:

So far Jameis Winston managed to talk into a microphone for 5 minutes wihtout saying “fuck her right in the pussy” but you could tell he wanted to. His press meet and greet inspired this wonderfull reaction:

We learned that Dan Snyder has his sticky little jam hands all over the RG3 situaton trying to Preserve Griffins career which is ironic because Kirk Cousins is the one getting jelly folks

This guy made sure America knew he never skips leg day unlike Billy Cundiff

The Chargers and the Raiders are thinking about maybe moving in together to save money on rent. Bet you these lovebirds are going to have a joint facebook account, email address, and answering machine mesage too folks. Only a matter of time before Danny Hollywoodhead goes all bigtime on us and cares more about picking up cameos then picking up blitzes. Stay strong Danny.

Warren Sapp allegdley paid $600 for a double blowjob and recorded it then he made the police officers watch the video before they arested him for assaulting the prostitutes seems pretty chill.

John Fox wont say whether or not Jay Cutler is part of the future in Chicago but Im going to bet against the guy with a severe heart condition electing to tie his job securty to literally Jay Cutler. So dont rule out the possiblity of Jake Delhomme trying to throw right-handed back pedalling touch passes in the windy city.

Thats it. Thats everything that happened in the NFL this week. Christmas Ape is out today and will be out monday so look foreword to Spilly putting on the Peter King pants on the other side of the weekend. Thanks and God Bless.

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