KSK will now attempt a Cleveland Browns post devoid of jokes about Brady Quinn’s sexuality and/or Shaun Rogers’ girth

03.18.09 9 years ago 24 Comments

“Revenge of the Dawgs” is a sci-fi revenge flick set in an alternate reality where the world is a hellish dystopia. Wait a sec… upon closer inspection that’s turn-of-the-millennium Cleveland. Honest mistake. Actually, for something found on YouTube, this video isn’t half bad– sort of “Any Given Sunday” meets “Death Wish” meets “Omega Man”.

It’s fun to see the Fauxdell get his comeuppance. My only cavil: would it have been too much trouble to have the Dogfather say: “Right about now you are about to be possessed by the sounds of Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock”?

Fast-forward ten years– Cleveland has their Browns back, so you would think all would be right their fans. You would be wrong…

Joe DiNicola, who brought us his DaVinci like depiction of the event which spawned this blog’s nomenclature is back. This time he provided a screed to go along with his art…

Since the Browns return, our putrid play on the field is a direct correlation to lousy coaching and horrible player personnel men. We went from Palmer and Dwight Clark combo, to Butch Davis / Pete Garcia, to Romeo Crennel / Phil Savage…now this. Ted Kokonis is yet another rookie GM who gives Eric Mangini whatever he wants. I have christened the new duo Manfredo, part Mangini and part Fredo (“I’ gonna learn the casino business”).

They are now talking of keeping the inept Derek Anderson and trading Brady Quinn, because, get this, no one wants Anderson, doh. They dumped Winslow for a late second because they were afraid of what they were going to have to PAY him and got waste of space TE Robert Royal whom the TE starved Bills found expendable. We have let loose starters Sean Jones, Andre Davis, and Kevin Schaffer and have picked up some Jet scrubs and a “porkchop” guard. This 4th duo under the wing of the Lerner family proves you can have a lot of dollars and no sense.

Sounds like things are back to normal on the shores of Lake Erie. Behold Manfredo!

But can they bang cocktail waitresses two at a time?

[ HT: to reader Alex U. for the video link ]

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