KSK World Cup Open Thread: Colombia-Côte d’Ivoire! Uruguay-England! Japan-Greece!

06.19.14 3 years ago 449 Comments

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For the second day in a row we’re opening with a great match, Colombia versus Côte d’Ivoire as both teams are coming off sound victories in their opening game; Columbia with a solid showing over Greece winning 3-0 and the Côte d’Ivoire holding off Japan 2-1. Look for superstar Didier Drogba to again play off the bench again to give the Les Éléphants fresh legs as the game goes on.

Midday brings us Uruguay against England, two teams desperate for a win after disappointing opening losses; England to Italy in a 2-1 tilt and Uruguay falling to Costa Rica 3-1. Both nations would be crushed if they suffered the same fate as Spain so early in the tourney, with the BBC’s chief soccer writer Phil McNulty — who you have to imagine is the competent version of our own Lord Latte —  going as far as to say this is manager Roy Hodgson’s biggest game of his career. Uruguay has a bit a good news heading into today’s match as Liverpool star Luis Suarez could possibly be back for this match after sitting out the last game recovering from knee surgery. (And at one point towards the end of the Costa Rica match when it looked like Uruguay could possibly equalize, Suarez started to warm up on the sidelines.) 

To close out the day, Japan-Greece. Greece looked lost in their match against Columbia, so it shouldn’t be much of trial for Japan to earn their first win of the tourney. The big question; will the Japanese fans stay to clean the stadium if it is a second loss and it’s suddenly time to go home?

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