KSK World Cup Open Thread: Germany-Argentina

07.13.14 4 years ago 621 Comments

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Our month long orgy of soccer, day drinking, joy and tears comes to an end today as Germany and Argentina play for the World Cup Trophy (they really need to come up with a better name, like the Lombardi Trophy, the Stanley Cup, the Commissioner’s — strike that, Major League Baseball has the worst trophy name) in the World Cup final.

Imagine you’re midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger. You’ve been co-captain Bayern Munich, one of the best club teams in the world, you’ve been voted the best player in German soccer, you’ve been on the German national team for more than a decade and on all the national youth teams for the decade before that. And today you have the biggest game of your career to defend against arguably the best player of this generation, Lionel Messi, as he looks set to steal the crown from those before him and become the greatest player of all time.

Imagine you’re not pooping your pants right now.

Now imagine you’re goalkeeper Sergio Romero. No one expected much out of you during the World Cup. As a matter of fact, you and the rest of the defensive squad were going to be the reason why your team didn’t make far despite having one of the most potent offenses on the planet. You’re now facing a German squad that can seemingly score at will, including Germany’s leading all-time scorer (on the verge of becoming the all-time leading scorer in the World Cup) Miroslav Klose and a dangerous Thomas Müller who is pure energy when near the ball.

Imagine you’re not pooping your pants right now.

There couldn’t be a more fitting game to end this World Cup. The incredibly exciting group stages, the close knockouts and the absurd semifinals. Two teams who have played beautifully in some matches have also scraped and scrambled for victory in other games, testing their resolve. No matter who wins, you cannot say either side had an easy road to the finale and both would make a great champion to the 2014 campaign. One cannot give higher praise to a championship game in any sport, so a thank-you to all of the teams of Brazil 2014. It’s been a fun month. Take your curtain call with today.

It’s time for the rest of us to get back to football.

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