Kyle Orton (and NOT Andre The Giant) Has A Posse

12.05.14 3 years ago 23 Comments

Kyle Orton might not be the most talented quarterback, or the most handsome, or charming, but he has become an underdog favourite, specifically amongst an important fan base for the NFL: second-tier bros.

Yes, the neckbearded journeyman is quickly becoming a favourite amongst the growing demographic of young men who are not skilled enough to be captains of industry, not buff enough to be a meathead, and not into FKA Twigs enough to be hipsters. It sounds like a marginalized niche, but this is the growing the middle class (j/k no such thing) that won’t be signing your cheques or washing your car, but you will find them drinking craft beer once in a while between trying to come up with memes to impress the bartender at your local dive bar (but not a real dive bar).

When asked for a comment on the flight of Orton jerseys, the dude in the middle did a Borat impression but made sure we knew he was doing it as a reference to guys who do Borat impressions. The guy on the right said they were waiting for Connor Barwin to sign with another team so they could do the same tribute to their other idol.

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