Laserface’s December Demolition Disengaged

12.05.10 7 years ago 33 Comments

Looks like Rivers fell prey to yet another broadcaster graphic jinx. WHAT? HUH? WHAT? YOUR HOLIDAY SEASON FOOTBALL RECORD IS IMMACULATE NO LONGER! IT CANNOT CONCEIVE A FOOTBALL JESUS! Daryle Lamonica will catch up with you yet!

The Chargers, by the way, were flagged on consecutive plays for having 12 men on the field on defense. That’s a delicious double serving of Norval ineptitude. Marmalard can’t even bare to look. Maybe because, like Cyclops, his lasers will go haywire without his visor.

And of course there’s this week’s portion of Manningface. It’s really starting to pile up in my freezer. I stocked up while it’s on sale, but I’ve kind of lost my taste for it for a moment. Hopefully it keeps well.

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