Late game open thread: Fernando’s “Tebow getting his 1st start AT Oakland open thread”

12.19.10 7 years ago 236 Comments

Yesterday, in the wee, wee hours of the morning we received an email from KSK reader Fernando G.

I am actually tingling with excitement at the thought of Tebow getting his first start AT Oakland. The benches are way too close to the fans there; I can’t wait for him to accidentally get too close to the front row and have a fan chop his arm off with an ax. If there were a God, he wouldn’t allow Tebow to play for the Broncos in Oakland. This game needs to be shown in every home in the country, and you should have an open thread.

The fact that Fernando is up at this hour inescapably leads me to the following alternatives. Either:
1) Fernando lives in Indonesia; or
2) Fernando works for NORAD; or
3) Fernando is drunk.

Nonetheless, as a fellow Raiders fan and in the spirit of the holidays, I’m indulging Fernando’s request for a special open thread. However, I don’t share Fernando’s desire to see Tebow get his arm lopped off. Unless he tries to convert some of the heathens in the Black Hole. Hate you Donkeys.

DEN @ OAK ****

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